Uploading log files to our server

You will find a desktop icon named Shadow ROS Logs Saver and Uploader that is used to retrieve and copy all the available logs files from the active containers locally to your Desktop. This icon will create a folder that matches the active container’s name and the next level will include the date and timestamp it was executed. When it starts, it will prompt you if you want to continue, if you press yes it will close all active containers. After pressing “yes”, you will have to enter a description of the logging event and will start copying the bag files, logs and configuration files from the container and then exit. Otherwise, the window will close and no further action will happen. If you provided an upload key with the one-liner installation then the script will also upload your LOGS in compressed format to our server and notify the Shadow’s software team about the upload. This will allow the team to fully investigate your issue and provide support where needed.